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Included in your system - Fully design-able, SEO, mobile friendly web site

The web site included in your system is a great option - you don't have to use it, but it could help you. 

You can change any picture - change any menu - change all the text from the page you are in, right now.
You can easily upload images from your camera - replace the stock image we have put in for you. 

If you do use the images we put in the system - we recommend that you donate some £ to PEXELS or PIXABAY who have supplied them free of charge at the moment.  We recommend £10 per image that you use size at 1/2 page or more.

Just press CTRL + M to activate the MODIFY in-page settings, and where you see the pencil, click that to open up the modify item interface. 

Combine easy upload of images and changes of text and menus, right away. 

You don't need any training sessions - just read the screen and follow your instincts. 

Remember - this system is not an alternative desk top Word or Office or similar - it is a web based HTML system. If you copy in from Word, we recommend tou do not copy across any of the Microsoft formatting (it is mostly a dead-weight for HTML, and is not created well). 

Make Your Website Yours

Your website on your new sub-domain (or main domain) will look like this on the right:

Click in the top left hand corner - see the vertical dots - and the logon slider bar will open. 

Put in your username and password, and logon.

You will then see all of the immediate options you have - email, templates, P&L, CRM, etc. 

Click the vertical dots to slide the menu back. 

In the web site, press CTRL + M to get the Modify options to be visible. 

You can change the text and images easily click the pencil to edit text in wysiwyg, or click the camera to modify/update images.


This is what your new web site might look like - there are a small number of options, based on your selection when you asked for the system to be set up. 

Press CTRL+M to open the modify options. 

Click the pencil to modify the text or image.