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Your Emails and Campaigns

Email is everywhere and essential. So we include email for every authorised user.

Each day the first 100 emails your system sends per day, are free.
We don't scan or use your data for marketing purposes (like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and others). 

So there are
no adverts in the Business GT system.

Business GT’s Email Campaigns package allows you to group contacts based on set criteria in order to produce marketing
campaigns and distribute them to your desired target at the click of a few buttons – at no extra cost!

Design email campaigns with great pictures and Calls To Action - so you can track who clicked your items, in your CRM Sales Funnel.

·  Inbound emails are free to receive (subject to storage cost), as well as the first 100 daily outbound emails.
·  Complete privacy of data on our private servers
·  Design template emails and send to your target groups
·  Quick and easy to distribute email campaigns
·  No Adverts 
·  Unlimited email user accounts: whether a sole trader or a team of 10; 
          - charges reflect total usage - there is no difference in the basic cost