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Optional Extras

Email Spam & Virus Filtering

To stop spammers we use a basic specialist service (Mail Washer) to filter all inbound traffic for all clients are included in our charges.  If this is not enough, we can use a 3rd party spam filter at modest extra cost.
The price is based on up to 10 (ten) email accounts being spam and virus filtered. 

       Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
100.00 10.00

Target List Contact Data

We re-sell high quality data addresses - in multiples of 50 (priced at 25 credits: 1/2 credit each).
Tell us the key targeting information:
- The location (usually around a radius)
- The size of the target by turnover or employees
- Whether it is head office, or any establishment
- The industries to include (or exclude) 
We will perform a count and let you know the result. 
       Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
25.00 0.00

Buy a Dedicated DOMAIN

We will buy your dedicated domain (if available) on your behalf. Look up your preference here:  alternatively, call us and we will find out if your preferred URL is available.

       Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
25.00 5.00

Use Your Own Domain Name - Web only

If you already own your domain name, we will set up our DNS servers to take your web traffic to our servers. This means your existing email traffic will be unchanged.
You will need to update your own DNS settings to achieve this. 

       Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
25.00 5.00

Use Your Own Domain URL - Web & Email

Use our servers for all web and email traffic using your own URL. 
This is the simplest option - especially if you expect to have multiple people using your email server.
On BGT the Email admin can see all user emails.

        Set-up Credits        Monthly Credits
25.00 5.00

Inbound Leads Telephone Number

Inbound calls can be picked up by your system, and allow you to track leads.(email can also be picked up automatically - at no extra charge). The number can be redirected to your mobile or landline at no extra cost. If you prefer, choose a local code number, and then have your office anywhere you are
(Calls over 30 mins pm charged at 0.1 cr/min)
       Set-up Credits       Monthly Credits
25.00 10.00