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                we've made VAT E-filing FREE*

In their wisdom, the government will require all businesses to submit their VAT information using a software package, from April 2019. We understand that the government will not allow a business to submit information either on paper or by hand in any other way.
                Use the BGT system, and you can file your VAT return electronically.

This is the Government's page on this:

Although we believe that this is a retrograde step (forcing tax payers to save the HMRC time and effort was never going to be easy) we recognise that there are benefits for everyone concerned. We are quite distrustful of many software companies who are seeing this as another opportunity to charge business for a very simple service (think of the standing charges businesses pay to take credit cards). We have noticed that the standard, minimum declared cost of software is over £100 per year. We believe this to be quite unnecessary. 

So. Using the BusinessGT service, the electronic filing of VAT returns is FREE.  

Yes. We are delivering MTD for our users FREE* -

But, you have to have a minimum of 10 Credits in your system (£10+vat).

* There is no extra or identifiable charge from BusinessGT if you electronically file your VAT return using the system functionality: either from using the full accounting system, or from using the Emergency-VAT facilities.
Please Note: Credits are purchased in multiples of 25 (£25 + vat), and your system consumes at least 2 credits a month:
You must have a minimum of 10 Credits in order to make a filing.

Here is a PDF User Guide,to use our system to complete your filing.



Using BusinessGT you can raise Sales Invoices and send them (or just process them into the accounts), process Purchase Invoices and journals. Go to the VAT Manager pages and complete the calculations depending whether you are on a standard VAT scheme or a CASH Accounting scheme. Click SAVE when you have the data correctly computed. BGT does not offer other schemes at the moment. Make sure you are happy with the information that you may file. 

Or, if you want to use your existing accounting system, go to the EMERGENCY VAT page and input your VAT amounts as if it were your paper printed out form. Click SAVE so that BGT stores this information in the correct format in the History page. 

Then, in the History page, click on the "Submit" button.
You will need your HMRC Username and Password - but just follow the in-page instructions and BGT will file your VAT return for you. When it is successful, the successful information will be stored in the system and held for as long as you need it in the system (just keep enough credits in there). 

BusinessGT does not keep any information about you personally - we especially do not want to keep your tax logon information.