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Well. We think so.

Sage 50 (and more) issues:

You can't produce historic P&L data. Try producing a P&L monthly or annually from 30 months ago - even for the middle of the last financial year. You won't be able to do it.
A short while ago you were able to change the system date of the machine, you now can't - they have made their system require that it has an internet connection to check the license every time you open it up (how kind. NOT).
You are unable to produce any information from before the beginning of the last financial year. Shocking.

You now have an option to produce essential reports from SAGE produced information.  We have solved that problem for you. 

What you do is this. 
1. Extract all of the nominal postings (it is a simple report) 
2. Import this as a csv into your own, dedicated cloud based BusinessGT system.
3. Rebuild the total files (to enable your reporting in full) 
4. Produce your reports, or download the total file into Excel (and do your own analysis).