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Free Accounting to start with
  Accounting -
        2 months free

Email, Campaigns
  Emails, Campaigns - 
        100* free per day

website free to start
Included Free
CRM to grow - free to start
              First 25 targets Free

Welcome to Business GT!

Business Start-up? SME? Already running your business? Great!

From £2 per month - less than £25 per year unlimited users.

Now, to generate real growth and success - 

use the BusinessGT System built to help you grow profitably.

FREE for 60 days

Specially for business startups and where low cost providers are preferred.

A better alternative to Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, SalesForce, and many others. 

See the BGT System Overview - Click Here.

Why is the pricing so low?
Setting up a business is expensive. You should avoid paying for things you rarely use. 

We minimise our costs by including everything for everyone. Your charges will reflect how much you use the system. Nearly all startups will pay nothing.

There are no "plug and play" extras, Learn more on how charging works

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Key software

Business GT is a B2B software system for start ups and small to medium businesses - it provides the key tools you need to be successful. Included are: full invoicing and accounting, Emails, Campaigns, Website, Lead management, CRM and more.

It is a Low Cost Business Growth System. 

Unlimited Users with email accounts: Free.